Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week 5: Wrapping things up!

Coming into the home stretch, Killstreak had only but a few loose ends to be tied up. After resizing the board grid to 17x17 in an effort to encourage more player versus player combat, the grid was designed in Photoshop and blown up to be applied to the foamboard. In finalizing the killstreaks so as not to have over- or underpowered rewards, the graphical designs for the cards themselves were put together. In meeting up on Tuesday, we put all the finished pieces of the game together, and were extremely pleased with the result. Having finished plastic unit pieces replacing paper slips was certainly an aesthetic upgrade, and only helped to add to the game thematically. Per the results of our in-class playtesting, we unanimously decided to increase the winning point threshold from 15 to 20. In testing out this increase, we found our games to last a satisfying 35 minutes. Overall, we're extremely proud of what we will be presenting as our final, finished board game. Killstreak is the fast-paced, territory control game we sought to create from the beginning, and while many of the components of the game were decided upon as a result of trial-and-error, we're highly satisfied with how the game has come together as a whole. Thematically, the board design, card design, and unit designs tie in very nicely with one another, and help supplement the tactical-based style our game was molded after.