Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 4: Those are MY cookies! MINE!-Arnold

As we head into week for our board game has changed its name. We are now calling it "Killstreak". We did this because it sounds like a cool name, and it has a lot to do with the game as players are rewarded for getting multiple kills. This week we had to flip flop while play testing between how many kills would grant a player a kill streak card. We started at three, but we saw that not many kill streak cards were given out and their rewards weren't enough to encourage fighting. In order to counter act this we took the cost of playing some of the killstreak cards away and made them free to play. Also we lowered the kills to two kills per killstreak cards. This encourages more people to engage in combat and try to earn the killstreak cards. We also have each unit able to move a certain number of spaces but those spaces will cost them action points. Which we a 8 action point cap per turn. These are some exciting changes because as we played through the game a few times it runs for about twenty five minutes and it is actually fun and exciting to play.

The most exciting part of them game is when a battle between two units of the same type occurs. It is extremely fun to roll the die and see who gets the higher number. It puts a little bit of suspense in the game. We also made a rule that you can only have four units on the board at them same time. They can be of any type this way the game is not too confusing and people loose track of their pieces.  The game is also interesting because there are a few ways to win. You can go around being the warrior and just engaging in scrums and winning killstreak and victory points for defeating enemies or you can try to capture the flags. We also have random spawns. and because when we played the game with just three flags we saw that there was much action so we decided to add 1 extra flag than there are players. This way there are always points of interest to go after. Another problem we encountered was we aren't sure how many points for victory. We started at twenty but realized that the game may take a little too long in some cases. In other cases ten points goes by very quickly but sometimes it takes a good amount of time. Right now we settled at 15 but still sometimes the game ends somewhat quickly.

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