Thursday, November 21, 2013

Third week: Milk is for babies- Arnold Schwarzenegger

The weeks are flying by pretty fast and sometimes I think to myself that it's because it's getting colder and the winds are getting faster. Then again it doesn't work like that does it? This week we made a lot of changes and added a lot of mechanics to our game and it all seems to be coming together well. there was a lot of arguing and difference of opinion but we worked it out to be able to come to a conclusion at the end of every topic. Considering we don't have much time left we decided to meet twice this week and plan out how to build the prototype. We decided to make the board a hexagon for the purpose of spreading everyone out. Also a mechanic was creating stating that each player will place a flag where they want on the board and then an extra flag will be placed in the middle. After that starting positions are randomly drawn. Now the pieces we agreed to use in the game are Tanks, Planes, and Anti-air. The way they work is that Tanks can kill Anti-Air, Planes can kill Tanks and Anti-air can kill planes so there is a balance because no one type of piece is more powerful then the other. When you have a piece attack the same type of piece there will a die roll and the higher roll will get the kill. The tanks are allowed to move four spaces per turn, the planes six spaces and the Anti-air two spaces. Now all of this is subject to change depending on how it feels during the test play. The way you get points is by holding a flag, killing another piece, and by having the largest fleet at the end of the game. Also while arguing about where to get our pieces we assisted another group with where they can purchase their pieces as well. We still haven't been able to decide if there should be a limit on the number of units a person can build. We also argued about how many action points we should have each turn so we decided that every turn players will have a total of eight action points. The biggest discussion we had this week was about cards that give special effects for kill streaks. These cards were decided during the meeting we had on tuesday afternoon but still need to be worked out. some of these special kill streaks are called flanked, hijacked, spy, air drop, reinforcements, blocked, etc. Next class we will be play testing it to see how well it works so far. Hopefully we will fail and see things that need adjustments and mechanics that need to be worked out in order to perfect our game.

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